At Hitachi, we believe that a more sustainable society can only be achieved by making continued contributions toward the upliftment of the deprived and betterment of the society as a whole. Hitachi brings this concept to life through its global community activities and contributions. Hitachi pioneers the way by providing both financial and volunteer support to non-profit organizations who work towards improving the lives of people and the communities through their programs and social contributions.

Our social activities demonstrate Hitachi’s commitment towards enriching the quality of life within society. In Mexico, Hitachi participates in a variety of community activities to support society and respond to the needs and expectations of the community.

Links to global Hitachi CSR website and activities:

Global Sustainability website
Global Sustainability activities

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Adopt a tree campaign

In coordination with the Ecology Secretary in the “Adopt a tree” campaign, trees were provided to Clarion employees to encourage greener places in their homes.


Hitachi Clarion employees come together to clean the San Juan del Río River.

Food Drive Initiative

Hitachi Companies come together with local students and suppliers to work with Queretaro’s food bank to organize a local food drive in San Juan del Río.

World Environment Day

As part of the celebration of the World Environment Day, Elecla participated in a reforestation and cleaning campaign in an ecological park in their community and river San Juan with the participation of their staff and families.

Day of the Dead Cultural Celebration

To mark the Day of the Dead Festival according to Mexican traditions, Clarion organized a contest of “Altares” and “Calaveritas”. Various Altars were created to honor those who passed in the earthquake on September 19, José Alfredo Jiménez, pre-Hispanic culture, and Feminicide.