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At Hitachi, we believe that a more sustainable society can only be achieved by making continued contributions toward the upliftment of the deprived and betterment of the society as a whole. Hitachi brings this concept to life through its global community activities and contributions. Hitachi pioneers the way by providing both financial and volunteer support to non-profit organizations who work towards improving the lives of people and the communities through their programs and social contributions.

Our social activities demonstrate Hitachi’s commitment towards enriching the quality of life within society. In Mexico, Hitachi participates in a variety of community activities to support society and respond to the needs and expectations of the community.

Links to global Hitachi CSR website and activities:

Global Sustainability website
Global Sustainability activities

Links to Hitachi subsidiaries’ CSR initiative:

Electronica Clarion, S.A. de C.V
HC Queretaro, S.A. DE C.V.

Adopt a tree campaign

In coordination with the Ecology Secretary in the “Adopt a tree” campaign, trees were provided to Clarion employees to encourage greener places in their homes.


Hitachi Clarion employees come together to clean the San Juan del Río River.

Food Drive Initiative

Hitachi Companies come together with local students and suppliers to work with Queretaro’s food bank to organize a local food drive in San Juan del Río.

World Environment Day

As part of the celebration of the World Environment Day, Elecla participated in a reforestation and cleaning campaign in an ecological park in their community and river San Juan with the participation of their staff and families.

Day of the Dead Cultural Celebration

To mark the Day of the Dead Festival according to Mexican traditions, Clarion organized a contest of “Altares” and “Calaveritas”. Various Altars were created to honor those who passed in the earthquake on September 19, José Alfredo Jiménez, pre-Hispanic culture, and Feminicide.

Hitachi Cable Querétaro (HCQ) Community Outreach

Hitachi Cable Querétaro planned several activities to help the community they are a part of. Some of the activities included:

  • The Food Drive where 220.72 pounds of food was collected for the “Luz al Ocaso” nursing home and provided them with 100 fluorescent lamps.
  • Clothing drive where a total of 1,170 clothes, shoes and blankets were gathered to share with 25 families in two communities close to HCQ.
  • Donated 441 pounds of dog food and 14 pounds of cat food to “Medias Naranjas” animal shelter.
  • Provided food packages for homeless people from food left over from the Hitachi Pride Celebration.
  • Created a program where collaborators donate a small part of their salary for a cause, in August donations were collected for a total of $707 for “La Alegría de los niños” children’s home.
  • Support AMANC, an organization that cares for children with Cancer, with a monthly donation of $443.00.

Hitachi Environment Month

We celebrated the Hitachi Environmental Month in HCQ. A number of activities were organized so that collaborators could get involved and become aware of the importance of healthy environment. HCQ organized activities such as “Environment improvement posters contest, “Society and Environmental Conference,” “Sowing a seed for the planet workshop,” and “Recycling art workshops.”

HCQ Supports Children with Cancer

HCQ (Hitachi Cable Querétaro) was part of the “Radioton 2016” organized by AMANC (Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer). HCQ financially supports the organization which provides monthly sponsorship to help the cause of cancer-affected children. During the event, a symbolic check was issued to AMANC.  An interview was conducted for radio stations to explain how the Hitachi Family participates in this important initiative, and the kind of work it does.

Party organized for sick children in community

Clarion Volunteer Team while working towards its commitment to contribute to the community organized a Christmas party for sick children on the occasion of King’s day. Over 60 children joined party and had fun with Clarion Volunteer Team. In addition, Clarion collected toys for the kids in the community which were distributed among 300 children.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s day was celebrated with much fervor at Clarion. Gifts were distributed among the women employees as a token of appreciation.

Clarion in the community

Clarion provided financial support for an Athletic race during a local community festival.

Clarion celebrated Father’s Day at its facility. Over 700 male workers were felicitated on the occasion with gifts as a token of appreciation.

Clarion Volunteer Team conducted a food drive for a home for elderly. It involved collection of food and cleaning of the facility, articles at the home for elderly. In addition, to mark the celebrations on Mother’s Day, Clarion went out of the way to encourage its women workers and presented them gifts in order to recognize their efforts. The event benefited over 1800 women workers.

Over 40 Clarion workers and their families participated in a Reforestation drive organized by Clarion. During the event, 1200 trees were reforested in the sport park in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro.

Clarion organized a grand children’s day party which witnessed participation of over 120 children. A number of interactive games and activities were organized for the children as well as gifts were distributed among children.

Clarion Volunteer Team conducted a drive to collect clothes for “Salvador Rivera” home in San Juan del Rio. Salvador Rivera is a home for destitute where women with sick mental condition are taken special care of.

Safety Week Event organized by HCQ

HCQ provided financial support to improve infrastructure, equipment, and training of volunteer firefighters of Pedro Escobedo municipality, the closest Firefighting Station to the plant. The safety week event organized by HCQ was marked by conferences and dialogs on various topics related to safety and health of employees.

HCQ Contributes to Society

HCQ donated a 58” Hitachi brand screen to the toy library of AMANC (Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer). The library is situated within the premises of the Hospital of Children and Women in Queretaro. Thanks to the joint efforts of people from private and public sector, children who are receiving treatment have an adequate space for recreation.

Clarion contributed towards the betterment of society by means of distributing scholarships among deserving students/children in the community.

Clarion demonstrated Environmental Conservation

Clarion sponsored a mega conference at the “Friends of the River Association” to make the attendees and others aware about the environment conservation. It involved activities pertaining to the rescue of the river San Juan.

Meet organized to celebrate Family Medical Unit

To celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Family Medical Unit No. 2 of the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute), a family athletic meet was organized. HCQ distributed 100 shirts among the people who participated in the different categories - 1, 3 and 5 km, in soccer and basketball tournaments.

HCQ Encourages Women Development

HCQ provided financial support to the organization “Desarrollo de la Mujer Queretana AC” (Queretaro´s women development institution).This organization’s main purpose is to provide support to foster the economic development of poor women and promote fair practices in their communities. HCQ contributed towards the building of a house to train and organize women to become self-employed.

Clarion Employees Volunteer

Over 100 Clarion employees and their families and friends participated as volunteers in the “1st Saitama International Marathon” that took place in November 2015. Clarion volunteers gave out water and sports drinks at the water stations and organized the course.

Day of the Dead Festival

To mark the Day of the Dead Festival according to Mexican traditions, Clarion organized a contest of “Altares” and “Calaveritas”. The event witnessed participation by over 30 Clarion employees.

Blankets donated to families in need

In November 2015, HCQ made a donation of 250 blankets to the municipality of El Marques for families with limited resources.

Contributions provided for Children with Cancer

Thanks to the contributions of employees as well as HCQ, for a third year in a row, financial support was given to AMANC (Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer). A lot of "tamales" (Mexican food) was provided to children for breakfast, along with candies to make their new year even happier.