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Automotive Systems

Hitachi Automotive Systems operates from five different locations in Mexico, manufacturing automotive systems for some of the most revered automobile manufacturers. With an aim to achieve near-zero emissions, the best safety standards and adding convenience leveraging the latest information technology, Hitachi product line includes everything from automotive products to aftermarket products.

Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division

Hitachi Cable America is a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-performance industrial Ethernet cables and harsh environment flexible cables for large-scale industrial applications. While Hitachi Ethernet cables are known to deliver superior performance and maximum throughput, our crane cables are reputed for custom designs individually crafted to match the client’s unique requirements.

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Aftermarket Products

Hitachi is a leading supplier of world-class products to the global automotive industry. Our products range from Water & Oil Pumps, Balancers, Front covers, Ignition Coil, balancers and different sensors for many applications.

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Automotive Products and Materials

Hitachi supplies a range of automotive products and materials which are safe, environment friendly, and performance oriented. Among others, our key products include brake hoses, fittings, wiring harnesses, and disc brake pads. Leveraging the most advanced R&D techniques, we ensure adherence to stringent quality and reliability standards. 

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Precision Cleaning

CO2 spray and immersion cleaning and treatment techniques are capable of producing microscopically and spectroscopically clean surfaces with regards to surface contamination such as particles, non-volatile residue, ionic contamination, and outgassing contaminant. Request a CO2 Consultation

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Surface modification

CleanLogix provides practical and effective CO2-based manufacturing solutions, including CO2 Composite Spray, Centrifugal CO2, Particle - and the Plasma and Tunable MQCL. In addition, CleanLogix also provides specialized solutions for a variety of application needs across industries.

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Quality Control & Services

Trigo provides unsurpassed quality, containment, & inspection services. The demand for zero-defect, increasing complexity of manufacturing processes, and just-in-time supply chains create strong quality issues and demand secure production in the industry. We have engaged 300+ experienced professionals’ worldwide and dedicated central coordinator operations to completely remove bottlenecks and containment issues.

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